The days of running a traditional brick and mortar business is just not as appealing as it used to be. With the avalanche of internet marketing and the resulting explosion of work from home business opportunities—it has become a global activity. Truly successful home business marketers have found that you must keep a global perspective when operating your home business. This article seeks to outline a few of the more critical issues needed to ensure your home business thrives in this new environment.

1. Keep your options open and remain flexible. Experienced home business opportunities come to those who are willing to adjust and adapt their products and services to match the demand of the given market and cultural opportunity.

2. Offer bilingual conversion of the content on your website. In this global market place, successful internet marketers offer content easily available in many languages.

3. Global business success demands offering multiple or flexible choices regarding currency acceptance. Much of this can be handled via use of credit cards and other exchange service mediums (Paypal as one such example). Whenever possible, savvy home business marketers should have the capability to accommodate multiple currencies with their home business activities.

4. Consider carefully media options with physical and information products when selling via the internet. For example, in some cases offering the same materials in both printed and electronic versions greatly expands the potential sales market. Additionally, the delivery time and expense of delivery to foreign countries quickly becomes a negative aspect versus the same products available for immediate download. Giving potential prospects multiple choices is always a wise decision and results in greater revenues.

5. Develop affiliate programs within multiple cultures. There is not discounting cultural differences of cultures throughout the world. Whenever possible home business opportunities should be developed utilizing affiliates from the given national markets. Developing mutually beneficial affiliate relationships with individuals within other respective cultures is an excellent way to overcome the cultural deficiency you may have.

6. Before posting new content on your website, double check the translation of the content you are offering to make sure it will be translated into other languages that will be understood. One of the more common mistakes marketers makes is the failure to understanding that multiple languages do not translate well. In fact many words and phrases in one language have opposite or distorted meaning in other languages.

With these techniques as a guide, internet marketers seeking to greatly enhance their work from home based business opportunities will find the chore less daunting. Keeping a global market in mind will increase sales, revenues, and of course profits.

I am about to share with you, one of the best kept secrets about the Internet. You may not know this, but the Internet is one of the most worry free, work from home business opportunities around. The reason for this is that the Internet is automated to the highest degree. I would go so far as to say, the Internet is the worlds biggest vending machine.

If you think about businesses like a laundry-matt or a soda vending machine, or another good example is arcade games where players drop a few dollars every 10 minutes playing the latest games, you are in the ball park of what the real power of the Internet is. This type of income is passive based. There is still a lot of work to do, but essentially, most customers online will serve themselves.

To run a worry free, work from home business you need essentially 2 things. A product to sell and a way to get paid. If you can organize those two things, you have the essentials of an online endeavor. This type of income is highly prized by business people around the world. For example, this type of passive income is sought by people who purchase homes with a view to renting them out. It is a little more complicated, however essentially, it is the passive income of rents that they try and achieve. However, we will have to observe, that being a landlord is hardly worry free!

A simple worry free, work from home business model can be as simple as being an affiliate of somebody else product. In this case, your only job, once you set up your account with the owner of the product, is to simply drive traffic to their marketing materials. If you send 100 visitors per day, you can hope to make maybe a sale or two per day. If the commission is high enough, you could be earning a good part time or even a full time income with this simple activity.

Ten years ago network marketing was struggling to gain traction online. Fast forward to today, and it has more than a foot hold on a large chunk of internet real estate. Competition is getting more and more creative and new people are joining the mix daily. If you are into internet network marketing, the following are the survival tips you are going to need to stand out from the crowd and thrive in the online portion of your business.

There is a universal survival concept that each person has ingrained in them if they will just use it. This is the concept of uniqueness. There is no one exactly like you anywhere in the world. In an online world full of the same old tired sales pitches and products you must quickly identify and magnify your unique selling proposition (USP). If you don’t find a way to stand out from the crowd then you will never dominate the industry the way you are capable of.

The next item in the survival guide is video marketing. You might be thinking, Yeah, Yeah, I know, or I already do this. You might be doing it, but are you doing it correctly? Are your videos providing value or are you recording a Billy Mays sales pitch? Provide value, be entertaining, and you will get lots of followers and views from your videos. Distribute your videos to all of the hosting providers on the internet. Your content and USP (YOU) will be everywhere.

Social media has proven to be one of the best places to cement yourself for surviving internet network marketing. You use the sites to develop relationships and rapport with people. These sites make the process of moving prospects from cold to warm by allowing them to see that you are a real person and have a life outside of the internet. People join REAL people, not the ones that spend 24/7 online looking for the next best thing. Learn to leverage the enormous power of social media and your business will no longer be in survival mode. It will be in thriving mode.

The fourth thing you will need to do is lead a coup for world domination. Not quite! You need to seek out others with similar belief structures and goals to mastermind with. Napoleon Hill talked about this in his great book “Think And Grow Rich.” Find people that you like, but that also present strengths that balance your weaknesses. Bounce ideas off of each other, market to each others lists, and come up with joint ventures to utilize the power of the group. A super example of creating this mastermind is how George Bush Jr. got elected to the presidency. Now obviously he is not the keenest tool in the shed, but he was smart about who he put around him. Take note of this and it can be a huge asset.

The last part of the survival guide is to remember that the network marketing business is about the people. It is and will always be so. Whether you market online exclusively or mix in some offline efforts, this part is critical to long term survival. Just because most of the marketing online takes place through email or websites doesn’t mean that eventually you won’t have to make acquaintances with people and call them on the phone. When you are faced with some real communication, be sure it is just that REAL. If you don’t have a genuine concern for people they will never join you or purchase anything from you.

Now do you realize why you need this survival guide? If you aren’t using all of these core survival tips then your online network marketing business will most likely end up in the 95% that never make in this business. Be unique by being yourself. Treat other people like family. Develop relationships not click throughs and conversions. Video your life at home, work, and play to show people you are not some robot in China.

Make the decision today to be in the 5% of successful marketers.

You’ve finished writing your business plan and decided it’s to take the plunge. But before you set to launch, start small and give your business a trial run. Make some prototype of your products from the house and fork out a hundred dollars for four color printing a few hundred flyers and brochures. See how well it sells and go from there.

Slow but sure business model

Low capital businesses need a business model that gives them faster returns on investment. They have to streamline their cost. Use a marketing strategy that focuses on small easily and quickly attainable goals, and done cheap. (Billboards, jingles, and commercials are out of the question)They need to break even fast and use the profit for additional capital instead of putting in more money from their pockets.

Unless you’re a multimillionaire, or have multimillionaire friends who can invest on your business, stick to the slow but sure business model and work your way to becoming the next big thing.

Here’s what your marketing plan should look like:

1. Long Before the Launch:

As previously suggested, you can start out with flyers and brochures for your products. This is simply a test to see the receptiveness of the market. At this point, your customers are mostly friends and family, and their own set of friends.

They may be enthusiastic about your business and can be very good salesmen, but they may get the facts of your products wrong. Arming them with a flyer helps them along the way. It will also help them give better feed back about your products.

2. Pre-launching:

You need posters, and plenty of them. The first few days of your business, you should expect a lot of curious people dropping in just to check what your business is about. They may buy your products out of curiosity, but only a small percent of them will be repeat customers. What’s important though is to let them know your business exists.

Start with a bang. You should have a gimmick for your launch: a guest celebrity, extended shop hours, games, free beer, anything to drum up excitement for your opening. Of course, direct-mail invites and postcards to your event can go a long way.

Your posters should shout out your unique selling point, and your USP should answer a problem or fill in an important need.

3. Launch:

Depending on how well executed your pre-launching is, you can expect to have a number of people frequenting your store. Chances are, you won’t have a chance to talk long enough to each one to explain what your business is about or why they should be your customer. The next best thing though is give them a brochure.

Four color printing is your new best friend. Give an in-depth brochure that goes beyond your average hype. Talk about the needs you intend to meet with your business, talk about your need to hear their insight, talk about how you came up with the inspiration for your products and how that eureka moment felt. Small businesses thrive on long term relationships.

One of the major problems that new mothers come across is whether to continue to work or stay at home to look after their children. Often, their first instinct is to look after the child, or children, and their overwhelming desire is to play a significant part in their upbringing, especially prior to school age. However, economic factors frequently do not allow this, especially now with the speed at which fuel and food prices are rising.

For many couples, it is therefore rarely possible for the female to stop work altogether to tend to her children. This is not the mother’s fault, much of it being due to the rising cost of living and the expectations of people regarding material wealth to maintain a “decent” lifestyle.

Work from home businesses for mothers are assuming increasing popularity and therefore importance in the world of franchising. Not all are online, but some are because the internet provides a mother with the opportunity to look after her children whilst also earning an income working flexible hours.

The internet has made it a lot easier for those mothers that that cannot face leaving their young ones in the hands of a baby sitter, day care center or in a nursery as it gives them the ability to research and communicate world wide with a click of the mouse.

That is why companies offering various kinds of work from home opportunities have put their focus on mothers. In fact, there is already a term coined to refer to these mothers. Some people call them the “mom-preneurs” while some just call it the “WAHM” which stands for work-at-home-moms. You have probably seen a lot of advertisements by numerous businesses, attracting mothers to try working from home.

One example of a work from home opportunity that many mothers consider is to become an independent contractor or loan officer of mortgage and financing firms.

A lot of companies are now also offering work from home jobs where you can do a lot of the work and research at home. Busy moms need only to report to the office once in a while. This way, mothers can work while their children are busy playing or studying and can resume once their kids are sleep.

Another increasing work from home opportunity is becoming an independent agent for a call center company. Mothers can earn a living with just a computer, phone, and internet. Instead of hiring workers from all over the world, employers are now looking for people who can be independent agents operating from their homes. This saves the company money, and provides employment to mothers that have sacrificed their jobs for their children.

If you are a good artist, there are home illustrator jobs, and also web design franchises available for mothers that can turn their hands to that. For the less talented you can make money doing online surveys and by answering emails and clicking on adverts.

Raising children is a tough job and a full time occupation in itself. I do not know how these women cope running a home business or being in paid employment at the same time!

There are many home business opportunities out there that might interest you, but finding the right and legitimate one that suits your interests is the difficult part. Other than knowing that there are many perks to working from home, such as being in total control of your own time and being your own boss, you need to choose one that is what you really want. By simply owning a computer and having a good connection to the internet, you are all set and ready to invest in a home business of your own! Here are 3 legitimate work from home businesses you can consider.

Data Entry

As companies today need to manage tons of information regarding product or customer details, they need to be able to keep an updated record on all of them. And what better way to do so than outsourcing such work to people working at home? So, if you are willing to manage such data and are a good typist, consider this job seriously as there is good competition for people like you in this sector. You will be responsible for keying in data into a system and be paid according to how much work you accomplish.

Home Tutoring

If you enjoy teaching and have relevant experiences required for a subject, you could try home tutoring. There are many websites today that require online tutors for students and if you possess the certificates needed, you are definitely wanted by them. This is a good opportunity for you to earn a substantial income by using your past experiences and knowledge that you’ve previously picked up. Put what you have learnt into good use!

Content Writing

Is writing your thing? If your interests lie in creative writing and journalism, content writing is a good home based business you should pick up. All you need is your creative mind and a computer- it is that simple! You could get involved in writing articles in newsletters or even websites. So, remember to build up your business contacts and impressing your clients so that you will be able to get bigger and more lucrative job opportunities in the future!

After knowing where your interests lie and the direction you are heading, ensure that the work you are doing is legitimate. Remember to do some research on the company you are working for and the rules and regulations that you are adhering to when you sign a contract. Ensure that you do not miss any hidden information and bear in mind that there is no job that offers huge payments for little work done. Each job will usually require you to possess the relevant skill, so make sure that you have them before applying for one. You might want to take up courses or get training for a job that you are keen in so that you will be able to excel in it.

As such, there are many work from home businesses today that you can consider. So do remember to choose the right one and start earning your income from home now!

One of the tools that a smart direct sales representative use to attract new business is a blog. A blog keeps customers and potential customers informed about products, events and services that relate to your business, new releases, contests, specials and it always keeps your name front and center. It shows readers that you are a good source of information that they can count on.

If you think about it, you also probably subscribe to a number of blog feeds on various subjects that interest you. Where do you think you are going to get information when you are in the market for a product or service that relates to your interests? Yes, that’s right, you think about that blog that gives you all that great information!

Often direct sales representative’s websites are nothing more than a corporate website. Websites in which they are unable to update information. These types of websites also make it difficult for a representative to look unique. They all have the same websites saying the same thing. Corporate sites also make it difficult for the representatives to hold special contests or special sales.

With a blog you can quickly update your customers anytime your company released a new product, when you’re holding a contest or are placing items on special pricing. Making money with a blog also can be more fun and unique than the traditional newsletter. Newsletters are often sent out at a set time. With blogs you can stop in anytime. With all the feeds available your visitors can subscribe to your feeds and be instantly updated without any spam filters interfering.

If you want to produce a professional looking blog, try using a service such as You can then upload your blog quickly and easily readily available for your visitors. Another great thing about is that it is free. This means no hosting costs or domain costs.

Tutoring is a fast growing and extremely popular profession in the modern era. With students not receiving individual attention in school and working parents lacking the time to help their children with school work, more and more people now search for tutors.

Tutors are sought for in many areas, in which skills can be taught and acquired. For example in academic subjects such as math, languages & geometry, for sports such as tennis, swimming & baseball, for acquiring computer skills such as word processing, designing & programming or even for hobbies such as sewing, crafting or sculpting.

Tutoring to students is carried out in many ways. “In-home” tutoring is when the tutor visits the home of the student to offer his/her services while “at-my-place” tutoring is when the student visits the home of the tutor to obtain his/her services. Online tutoring and email tutoring is when the tutor and student conduct their lessons via the help of the internet. For online tutoring a specific time is set between the tutor and the student to carry out the lesson through instant messaging services such as Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc. Email tutoring is when the tutor and the student rely on emails to perform their lessons. The advantage of online and email tutoring is that the tutor and the student need not be in the same city or country to carry out the studies and also the time and money spent on commuting is saved.

With the increase of demand for tutors, more and more people prefer to stay at home and start their own tutoring venture. The most essential qualifications that are required to become a tutor, with the exception of having an in-depth knowledge of the subject or subjects which you are going to teach are good communication skills, enduring patience and the ability to connect with your students. You should also posses the qualities of reliability and dependability. Sticking to the planned schedules with your students are very important since you are providing a valuable service.

Having your own online tutoring venture provides you with many advantages. For starters you would be working from home which in turn provides you with more time to spend with your family. Reduction of costs involved in commuting and of acquiring office attire is another advantage. In addition you would be having more flexibility. And above all you can have the satisfaction in providing an esteemed service to the society.

You can carry out this venture as a part time or full time occupation. Also the subjects and the number of subjects that you want to tutor, completely depends on you. When considering the subjects, it is important that you have a thorough understanding in that particular field. In the tutoring profession your potential students could vary from elementary to high school or even grown ups who require tutoring in specific areas such as the computer field or hobbies. The number of subjects that you wish to tutor depends on the amount of energy and time you can utilize for this venture.

As an independent tutor you would have an advantage over tutoring companies, since you would be providing one-to-one tutoring which most parents prefer for their children at a much friendlier rate.

Starting a tutoring business costs very little and it provides a steady source of income all year round. Your tutoring rates will depend on your experience, the demand for that specific subject and the market price. If you are new to this venture it is always better to charge less than the competitors till you are able to gain experience and prove your value in the field.

When launching your own online business, you should first determine the number of subjects you want to tutor and the age group you are focusing on. Depending on these factors you can concentrate on your target audience, how to approach them and your marketing strategy. Even though “word of mouth” is the biggest marketing tool in this profession, having a website is another significant way to market your online tutoring venture.

When conducting tutoring sessions, in order to make it as effective as possible you should prepare your sessions in advance, know your subject and any changes in the content, be professional and supportive of the student. The keys to succession in the online tutoring profession are being result oriented, establishing sound relationships with the students and their parents and providing an exceptional service.

If you’re interested in opening your own business, you should definitely consider the potential rewards of a business that would allow you to work from home. A home based business offers an amazing level of autonomy, and there are a surprising number of work at home franchise opportunities. In this article we will discuss some of the pros and cons of working from home as well as some of the available home based business franchises.

Pros and cons of a home business:

One major advantage of home based business franchises is that the initial investment required is typically much lower than a traditional franchise. Work from home franchises are usually in the $15,000-$30,000 range. You can occasionally even find a work at home franchise for as little as $10,000.

Another advantage is that a home based business has very few overhead expenses. Of course you will have to maintain a home office, but your chief operating tools will be things such as a computer, telephone or fax machine. If you choose to employ one or two people, there would, of course, be some payroll.

Home based business franchises require you to stock little to no inventory, which is advantageous because it alleviates the responsibility of keeping up with an inventory system.

Many prospective franchisees find the lifestyle associated with working from home to be the key advantage. There are a number of work at home franchise opportunities that only require a part-time commitment to be successful. This provides franchisees with a great deal of flexibility in their schedules and often affords them more time to spend with their families. This flexible schedule also allows business owners to conduct business at times that are most convenient for them as opposed to adhering to the traditional “retail-style” hours of operation.

However, working at home does have some disadvantages, too. There is staggered revenue potential associated with these types of businesses. Because there is no walk-by traffic, home based businesses are dependent upon a loyal client base for repeat business.

As the owner of a home business, you will have limited exposure due to municipal law, which prohibits home based franchises from maintaining “street signage” on residential properties. You can get around this restriction if your home has been zoned for commercial use, but for the most part your business’s exposure will depend on your ability to market it through various advertising media.

National advertising campaigns are not commonly associated with home based franchises. Normally, marketing the business is the sole responsibility of the franchisee, and this may limit the reach of your marketing campaign to your own town or city.

Finally, as a home-based franchisee, your business practice will be isolated. This can curtail the number of networking opportunities you will have. If you do not maintain an active and effective advertising campaign, you are likely to lose potential customers to any competitor who operates a street-front or retail business.

Available home based business franchises:

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and decided that a home based franchise is right for you, you might consider some these franchise opportunities:

PosiGrip is a turnkey, home based franchise that offers its customers protection from dangerous slip-and-fall accidents. PosiGrip is a process that creates a tread design on almost any hard surface including tubs and showers. The process does not discolor or change the look or feel of floors or showers. It simply makes them safer. For an initial investment of $8,000-$10,000, you will receive training and support, national advertising and a complete marketing program. PosiGrip imposes no franchise or royalty fees on its franchisees.

Guard-A-Kid(TM) Child ID Systems is a franchise that allows the franchisee to choose working from home or from a mall kiosk. The services and products they provide their customers are essential for child safety. For example, a complete child ID and safety package that includes two wallet-size printed IDs, a large file-size ID and a CD-ROM containing all the child’s information in digital format is available to patrons. The initial investment for this franchise is $19,900. Your start-up kit will include numerous technological tools to ensure your success including a state-of-the-art laptop PC and an FBI-quality digital fingerprint scanner. Guard-A-Kid was included in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500? list and was also recently named one of the top 100 new franchises by Franchise Market Magazine.

You can even work from home in the travel industry. For example, Cruise Planners is a nationally recognized cruise planning agency, and they were ranked number one in their category in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500? for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. The initial investment required for this home based business franchise is $20,000. Franchisees in this system enjoy training programs, marketing and advertising programs, exclusive lead and website programs as well as the highest commission levels in the industry.

Final thoughts concerning home based businesses:

The possibilities for entrepreneurs seeking a work at home franchise opportunity are virtually limitless. You can see the diversity in available franchises just from the short list above, and it is a short list. Many other opportunities exist.

If you’ve done your research and concluded that a home based franchise business is for you, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a franchise to meet both your personal and your professional needs.
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